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Arduino 1.8" TFT showing sensor data

Arduino TFT DHT11

When I receive a new Arduino component the first thing I do is an operational test to make sure everthing is fine. As you can see I am not using the official Arduino TFT but a sainsmart version (262K colors, SPI Bus interface). It has a slighty different PIN layout but it works fine for me. One big advantage of a TFT dispay is, that it is not using the SLC and SDA pins! So I can use them for other I2C devices like a HMC5883L compass and/or a BMP085 barometer!

Arduino TFT Pipboy 0.1

Workingtitle: Beautifulbit Pipboy 0.1

The picture above shows the next steps towards my actual goal: the Pipboy 0.1! Combining sensors, a TFT and a power source to display data when your outside.

Current setup:

  • Arduino Mega 2560
  • Mega Sensor Shield v2 (cheap pre soldered shield from china)
  • 1.8" TFT (cheap sainsmart version)
  • MQ 2 Gas Sensor (sensitive for flamable and combustible gasses)
  • MQ 7 Gas Sensor (carbon monoxid (CO) detection)
  • DHT11 Temperature and Humidity Sensor
  • Female-Female Jumpers

At the moment I am not using the SD-Card feature of the TFT display, therefore not all pins are connected.

//MEGA specific pins SDA 51 & SCL 52
#define cs 10
#define dc 9
#define dc 8
Arduino TFT Pipboy 0.1 close

Those are the first steps to my dream tool for enhanced outdoor experience. But I already know that I can only fit one gas sensor for mobile use. Additionally the gas sensor should be disabled on default. Activating it via a button to save energy.