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I am - René Rebitsch - a Mediadesigner and Webdeveloper from Cologne. During my apprenticeship I learned a lot about printmedia from designing logos to layouting large scale prints, but I recognized early that the online sector would be much more interesting to me.

I moved to Berlin in 2007 to make a bachelor as a webdeveloper. After basic study I worked as Supervisor and Lecturer at the SAE Institute Berlin. My role as a Supervisor was to help students with their questions and problems while as a Lecturer I was teaching Students Desktop Publishing, XML and Security Issues.

In 2009 we launched our own small company called 'webpacker GbR'. Within that time we had a lot of interesting projects and created custom CMS, user managment and shop systems. We merged all experience and code snippets into our own PHP-Framework for rapid custom development.

I am spezialized in PHP, MySQL, Javascript (jQuery) and Security.


   [0] => Webdesign
   [1] => Printdesign
   [2] => Webdevelopment
   [3] => Penetration Testing
   [4] => Data Migration
   [5] => Project Managment
   [6] => Conception
   [7] => Arduino Prototyping